Honkey and Tonkey are our miniature donkeys.  They are most useful as comedic relief.  They are known to pick up a horse's lead rope to lead them around, knock over saddle racks and steal hoof picks.  And whatever you do, don't let them out of their pen before its time.  They will happily run in circles while you try to catch them. But they love affection and treats.

Scoot comes from western cutting and sorting world. He has now adjusted his style to be easy and breezy when people with disabilities ride him.

Lucky is a Holsteiner and our biggest horse.  It took him a while to settle in but is now a joy to ride. But that trot is very big and Luck is reserved for better riders.

Marshmallow is a Shetland pony and about as cute as he can be.  He dutifully gives little bitty kids rides and loves attention and treats..

Tahnee is a quarter horse and is now a perfect horse for learning how to groom and saddle.  A series of unfortunate hoof accidents left her partially lame and not rideable.  But she loves attention and will sometimes show the other horses across the fence who is in charge. It's Tahnee, of course!

Whisper is a lovely mare.  She can always be depended upon to provide a good lesson.  Even though she is older she can give better rides an exciting speedy ride.

Chester is a hafflinger that was rescued from a kill pen. It took many months for him to feel safe.  But now he is a wonderful pony for our riders. He's cute as can be.  He has been adopted by our Office Manager but he still lives with us and participates in therapeutic riding.

River began as Lisa's personal horse but has now been included in the therapeutic riding program. One girl is learning barrel racing with her but mostly she walks very carefully for those riders that need care.

Slick is our newest member of the equine team.  He's still working on learning his job. But he is sweet and gentle.

Star is a hafflinger that was saved from a kill pen.  She carries children and seems to love her job.  But she is also mischievous, knocking down saddle racks and grooming buckets whenever she knows nobody is looking.