By Cindy Jenkins

How could someone cast you aside
Like the outgoing ocean tide
And let you ride the wave of despair
To a place where nobody cares

You have outlived your usefulness to them
They didn't understand you; they didn't see the beautiful gem
To them now your're an expense they can no longer afford
You never got to feel loved and adored

Sent to the kill pen and off to the slaughter
No food was given to you, not even a drink of water
Days away from your final demise
The very thought of that brings tears to my eyes

Then someone steps in and says, 'Hey, wait a minute
I see you. I know you. I actually get it'
They see your value, they see the truth
They can see the fear in your eyes

You can feel the way their heart cries
They walk you out of the slaughterhouse booth
Outside you tremble, feet gotta move
There is nothing now you have to prove

With gentle hands they touch you with love
Something you're not sure you know much of
They walk you around, work off some of the fear
You walk shoulder to shoulder, it is their heart you now hear

They take you to a place with sunshine and fields
There you are allowed to flourish and heal
With others who have come before you
They'll show you what to do

With love and kindness they get you ready
Their treatment of you is consistent and steady
Soon you will find a forever loving place to live
With people who have tons of love to give

Recent Events

Board of Directors

Hopeful Hearts Therapeutic Riding for Children & Adults
Students learn social and academic skills with trained PATH instructors while strengthening overall muscle tone. Individuals recovering from trauma discover the calming effect of horseback riding. This has become our main focus.

Rehabilitation of Neglected Horses  

Most of our horses were in very poor condition when we acquired them, but have flourished under care and attention, becoming excellent instruction horses.

Lisa Rivers, Founder, Executive Director & Certified PATH Instructor

Mat Rybicki, President

Michelle Johnson, Treasurer

Lauren Tips, Secretary

Jodi Kruger, Member

Karen Artabasy, Member

What We’re Doing

Summer Camp

Children learned to groom, handle and ride horses in a fun, relaxed environment.

Veterans' Night-Outs

Veterans and their families could relax and make wonderful memories riding horses together.