Board of Directors

Summer Camp

Children learned to groom, handle and ride horses in a fun, relaxed environment.

Veterans' Night-Outs

Veterans and their families could relax and make wonderful memories riding horses together.

Open House

We invited the community to visit for live music, a horse show by students, food and fun!

Recent Events

Lisa Rivers, Founder, Executive Director & Certified PATH Instructor

Mat Rybicki, President

Michelle Johnson, Treasurer

Lauren Tips, Secretary

Jodi Kruger, Member

Advisory Board:

Paulette Andrew, Veterianarian

Kerri April, 4-Star Parelli Professional

Brenda Brooks, Natural Horsemanship Trainer and Rider

Beth Rand, Founder of The Joyful Horse Project

Patrick Houser, Entreprenuer and Founder of Fathers to Be

What We’re Doing

Horseback Therapy for Children & Adults
Students learn social and academic skills with trained PATH instructors while strengthening overall muscle tone. Individuals recovering from trauma discover the calming effect of horseback riding. This has become our main focus.

Rehabilitation of Neglected Horses  

Most of our horses were in very poor condition when we acquired them, but have flourished under care and attention, becoming excellent instruction horses.